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Are you searching for a reliable skin cancer dermatologist and surgeon in St. Petersburg? We welcome you to Suncoast Skin Solutions, the most renowned name in Florida dermatology! Our staff of doctors and skincare specialists is here to deliver cutting-edge diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all types of skin cancers. Many of our skin cancer treatment services can be accessed through online Telehealth for your improved safety and convenience, and we offer in-clinic exams as well. Our St. Petersburg dermatology office is here to take good care of you and your family!


Our skin cancer dermatologist & surgeons servicing St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas have built our dermatology practice on the commitment to skin cancer prevention, as well as early testing and treatment. Each patient who comes to us will have the option to receive a full skin exam, no matter the type of skin concern they currently have. Any changes in skin coloration, moles, or skin growths will be taken seriously, and if you have noticed these symptoms on your skin, we highly recommend booking an appointment with us right away. We believe that early detection of skin cancer is key to improving patient lives and health outcomes.

Mohs Fellowship-Trained Skin Cancer Surgeons

Only the top dermatologists in the field are accepted each year into the American College of Mohs Surgery fellowship program, and we have several of those esteemed doctors on staff here at Suncoast Skin Solutions. This one to two year intensive training allows for special expertise in the innovative Mohs surgery technique, which we often use in our clinics for an effective cancer treatment option. Mohs surgery is highly sought after by patients, and is one of the top techniques for removing skin cancer in a minimally invasive way.


    Types of Skin Cancers Treated by Mohs Surgery

    For effective treatment of the most common types of skin cancers, including squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and even some melanomas, Mohs surgery is considered the gold standard. This procedure can be done in office in one day, in a simple, pain-free visit. Our St. Petersburg skin cancer dermatologists can assess, remove, and test cancerous tissues on site!

    Remember that early detection is important in the fight against skin cancer, which is why we emphasize regular self-exams as well as routine professional skin exams from a qualified dermatologist. Suncoast Skin Solution’s skin cancer dermatologists & surgeons servicing the St. Petersburg area are the reason we have been voted Florida’s “most trusted” dermatology clinic, and we’ll take great care of you. Reach out today to schedule your skin exam or other appointment.

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