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Pellevé in Florida

Pellevé enhances every skin rejuvenation regimen by delivering unique skin tightening technology utilizing a unique handpiece. Non-painful, with no downtime or swelling, this 60 minute treatment creates firmer skin with radiofrequency collagen contraction technology.
Results continually improve 6-12 months after treatment, and are long lasting. Multiple treatments can deliver more enhanced results, if necessary, as well as being used as a single component of any anti-aging maintenance regimen. This procedure can be used on the face, including the eye area, as well as on the neck and jowls.

Dr. Roper herself performs this procedure, and has been very pleased with the results that she has seen with Pellevé.

“I am impressed that Pellevé has the ability to tighten tissue in all ages and in all skin types, regardless of the amount of sun damage or previous rejuvenation treatments. I also find that the immediate skin tightening I see with Pellevé nicely compliments my other skin rejuvenation procedures. Pellevé is also ideally suitable for anyone who might have had prior laser rejuvenation or Thermage, and just need some additional enhancement,”


states Dr. Roper.

Single Pellevé™ Treatment For Wrinkles Around The Eyes*

*Individual results may vary

Single Pellevé™ Treatment For Face And Jowls*

*Individual results may vary

Pelleve is available at our Countryside location. Call our office today at 1-844-SUN-DERM to schedule your consultation appointment

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