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Treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Florida

Fractional laser resurfacing for wrinkle reduction

Our Palomar Icon 1540/XF Non-Ablative Fractional Laser is the most advanced technology available for skin resurfacing and the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles of the face, neck, arms, and chest. The Icon can smooth away years of wrinkles and sun damage. This safe and effective treatment can be performed anywhere on the body, with the most frequently requested sites being the face and neck.

Fine lines usually first become visible in our late 20s to mid 30s, as one of the first visible signs of aging. These fine lines will deepen, turning into wrinkles, and later deep folds, if left untreated. Laser Skin Resurfacing with the Palomar Icon 1540 XD/XF is a great way to fight these visible signs of aging. By attacking the lower layers of the dermis, the Palomar Icon 1540 DX/DF treats lines and wrinkles at their source, the base layers of the dermis.

Laser skin resurfacing

Fine lines begin forming as a result of reduced collagen production, a natural part of the aging process. There are many ways to target collagen, stimulating your body to increase production, including skin care products, certain dermal fillers, and many types of lasers. Skin care products are the least effective of these treatments, and most patients do not find adequate results from using these products alone. Dermal fillers can create a temporary solution for lines and wrinkles, but do not address tone and texture the way lasers can, and the results from laser skin resurfacing can last much longer than fillers.

The Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments provided at Suncoast Skin Solutions are different from other options in that this treatment creates powerful results that develop over 3-4 months after your treatment, without removing the top layer of your skin – which is what causes that swollen red look that you can see with ablative laser procedures and peels. Rather, the gradual and natural results you’ll see from your very first treatment will leave you looking powerfully rejuvenated over time, so it will not be obvious what you may or may not have done.

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