Sunspot Treatment

The board-certified professionals at Suncoast Skin Solutions have been dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive surgical, medical, and cosmetic dermatological care. Our cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical approaches to medical and cosmetic dermatology provide our patients with natural-looking results that require minimal downtime and recovery.

What is Sunspot Treatment?

The sunspot can go by many names - including liver spot or freckle - but we all know exactly what it looks like. These brown spots or hyperpigmented spots on the skin are a direct cause of sun damage and over-exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. While everyone is prone to getting sunspots at some point in their lives, these spots aren't inherently dangerous to have on the skin. That being said, many patients feel the need to get rid of them to help their skin look as healthy and youthful as possible. At Suncoast Skin Dermatology, we are proud to offer a variety of sunspot treatments to rejuvenate your skin for the long-term.

How Much Does Sunspot Treatment Cost?

The cost of your sunspot treatment at Suncoast Skin Solutions is going to vary depending on the type of treatment you choose and the extent of treatment needed to achieve your desired results. To find out a more accurate cost for your sunspot treatment, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with one of our expert staff members.

What Sunspot Treatments are Available?

At Suncoast Skin Solutions, we are proud to offer the following sunspot treatments:

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