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Itching (Pruritus) in Florida

The board-certified professionals at Suncoast Skin Solutions have been dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive surgical, medical, and cosmetic dermatological care. Our cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical approaches to medical and cosmetic dermatology provide our patients with natural-looking results that require minimal downtime and recovery.

What is Itching (Pruritus)?

Itching skin, or a condition also known as pruritus, is characterized by the uncontrollable and uncomfortable sensation of itching on the skin. Itching skin can be a sign of something as simple as sensitivity to laundry detergent or body wash, to something as serious as a chronic internal illness. When taking your itching skin into consideration, we encourage our patients to be on the lookout for visible signs of skin conditions as well, including rashes, bumps, rough patches of skin, or red patches of skin. If you find that your skin is consistently itching after changing some possible environmental factors, we encourage you to come to see one of our expert board-certified dermatologists at your earliest convenience.

How Much Do Treatments for Itching (Pruritus) Cost?

The cost of your treatments for itching at Suncoast Skin Solutions is going to vary depending on the type of treatment you choose to receive, the extent of treatment needed to achieve your desired results, and your health insurance coverage. To find out a more accurate cost for your itching treatments, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with one of our expert staff members.

What Causes Itching (Pruritus)?

Unfortunately, there are a variety of different factors that may be causing your unrelenting itching skin. Some of the most common causes of itching skin include a chronic internal illness, a sensitivity to soap or laundry detergent, a food allergy, an allergy to animal dander, contact dermatitis, dry skin, and iron deficiency. In order to find the root cause of your chronic itching skin, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with one of our dermatologists.

What Treatments are Available for Itching (Pruritus)?

The board-certified dermatologists and medical professionals at Suncoast Skin Solutions are proud to offer the following treatments for itching or pruritus:

  • Topical and oral prescription medication
  • Medical-grade skincare products

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