Your Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Consultation | Tampa | St. PeteA complex plastic surgery such as blepharoplasty should commence with an in-depth consultation to ensure that the outcomes are safe and predictable.

The consultation process lays down the foundation for a successful eyelid lift surgery. It allows the surgeon to develop a customized surgical plan according to the unique aesthetic and anatomical requirements of the patient.


Forming a Relationship

During the consultation process, the patient should openly ask questions or express any concerns that they may have about the eyelid surgery. This process also offers the surgeon and the patient an opportunity to develop solid rapport with each other.

This is vital because no one wants to go into surgery with an unclear mind. This means that there is a flaw in the process and increases the chances of a patient being dissatisfied with the outcome.

Suncoast Skin Solutions, led by the caring board certified dermatologist Dr. Christopher Ewanowski, provides eyelid surgery to patients in Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Central Florida, Florida, and other neighborhoods and towns in this region of America.


Patient Education

A key concern for the surgeon during the consultation process will be to educate the patient on various aspects of the blepharoplasty and recommend the most suitable treatment options and techniques.

The patient must have clarity on the possible risks and benefits of the surgery, and the procedural steps as well as details on the estimated costs, financing, and insurance.


Cosmetic Goal Setting

At the time of the blepharoplasty consultation, one of the foremost things that a surgeon would like to comprehend is the reason for the patient seeking this surgery.

The surgeon will try to understand the exact areas about the patient’s eye appearance that bother them and incorporate these inputs into an individualized eyelid surgery plan.

The main goal of the surgeon will be to undertake the surgery in a precise and less invasive manner while still meeting the patient’s aesthetic goals.  


Realistic Expectations

The surgeon will assist the patient in developing reasonable expectations from the blepharoplasty. They may show the patient eyelid lift surgery before and after pictures during the pre-operative consultation.

The patient should review these images closely to get a realistic idea of the outcomes of this surgery. Some patients may choose to combine blepharoplasty with brow lift surgery to accomplish their desired cosmetic goals.


Health Assessment

The surgeon will evaluate the health records of the patient and assess their overall medical condition. On top of this, they will assess the patient’s eye anatomy, level of skin laxity in the lower and upper eyelids, the extent of depressions and dark circles beneath the lids, skin type, and any signs of an untreated infection.

On their part, the patient should be forthcoming with the surgeon regarding their lifestyle behaviors as well as any prescription or non-prescription drugs that they may be taking at present. In case they have undergone an eye procedure such as LASIK in the past, they should reveal this to the surgeon as well.


Pre- and Post-op Care Instructions

At the time of the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will provide the patient with pre and post-op instructions.

If the patient is a smoker, the surgeon will require them to discontinue smoking for a specified period before and after the eyelid surgery. They may also alter the schedule of certain medications that the patient presently uses in discussion with the prescribing physician.


The state of the art skin care clinic of the dependable Dr. Christopher Ewanowski receives patients for eyelid surgery from Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Central Florida, Florida, and nearby areas. 

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