What Questions Should You Ask Before Eyelid Surgery? | Tampa The patient will have an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about the eyelid surgery and the surgeon’s background at the time of the initial consultation.

A dedicated surgeon will offer detailed answers to any questions that the patient may have allowing them to make an enlightened decision. The patient should ideally list their questions in advance and carry this list to the initial consultation with the surgeon.

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Desirable Attributes in an Eyelid Lift Surgeon

A good blepharoplasty surgeon should have the below mentioned attributes:

  • Straightforward, professional, and easy to talk to
  • Impassioned about making a difference in the lives of patients through their surgical skills
  • Willing and able to understand the patient’s goals, desires, hopes, and facial anatomy
  • Possess artistic sensibilities and a comprehension of beauty, form, proportion, and a natural appearance
  • Able to display eyelid surgery before and after picture of past patients
  • Focused on the discreet incision placement

What is your previous experience in performing eyelid lift surgery?

Sometimes a cosmetic surgeon may have extensive experience in performing breast and body procedures. But they may not have relevant skills in performing upper face surgeries such as eyelid lift surgery.

The patient should select a surgeon with an in-depth understanding of facial and eye anatomy as well as vast experience and training in such surgical procedures. These surgeons will be able to individualize the surgery according to the unique requirements of the patient ensuring that the blepharoplasty is more targeted and less invasive.

Where will my eyelid lift surgery take place?

Eyelid lift surgery is typically undertaken at accredited surgical centers, and sometimes, at a private surgical suite. There are benefits and limitations as well as cost differences associated with each venue option.

Would you use general or local anesthesia for my surgery?

The plastic surgeon may perform eyelid surgery with the patient under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The patient should also understand whether an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist will be administering the anesthesia and whether they will remain in the operating room throughout the procedure.

What is the procedure for the blepharoplasty?

Eyelid lift surgery is a customized procedure. The patient can undergo surgery on the lower, upper, or both eyelids at the same time. The surgeon will usually place incisions in the natural folds of the eyelid, crease of the upper lid and right underneath the eyelashes or behind the lower eyelid.

What will the recovery period involve?

In general, eyelid lift recovery takes between seven to ten days. In case the surgeon places traditional sutures, they will remove these within the first week. The patient should not exert their eyes and allow them plenty of rest in the first one or two weeks.


Questions on the Cost

  • What are the approximate costs of blepharoplasty at your practice?
  • Does the cost estimate include the anesthesiologist’s fee and surgical facility related expenses?
  • What are the post-operative expenses associated with eyelid surgery, such as prescription medications and medical exams?

It is also vital for the patient to understand the potential risks and complications associated with eyelid surgery to make a well-informed decision.


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