What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)A person may sometimes appear older, angry, or sad due to tired or old looking eyes. However, it is possible to treat these aging effects around the eyelids effectively with blepharoplasty plastic surgery.

Blepharoplasty, including upper or lower eyelid surgery, can improve the functional and aesthetic aspects of the eyes. Sometimes, a patient may need both upper and lower lid surgery together. The procedure can also treat heavily sagging upper lids that may be causing partial vision obstruction.

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Blepharoplasty Benefits

  • Eliminates upper lid puffiness by removing fatty pockets around the eyes with an upper blepharoplasty.
  • Removes sagging skin, folds, and lines around the lower lids.
  • Treats drooping upper lids, which may cause vision obstruction.
  • Addresses under eye bags.
  • Treats the visible white beneath the iris which may occur due to drooping lower lids.


Upper Blepharoplasty

Aging and other factors can cause the eyelid muscles to become loose and the lid tissue to stretch leading to sagging upper eyelid skin due to elasticity loss. Consequently, the upper eyelids appear wrinkled and droopy making the face appear older.

In such cases, the patient can undergo an upper eyelid surgery to address the concerns and restore a younger, rested eye appearance. Certain patients may experience severely droopy upper eyelids (ptosis). This can occur simultaneously with aging lines over the lids.

The eyes may appear partially closed with droopy upper eyelids even when the patient is awake. This distortion in the eye appearance may result from an underlying condition known as ptosis. Upper blepharoplasty can treat these conditions effectively.

The surgeon commences this procedure by placing an incision along the natural contour of the eyelid crease to keep it inconspicuous. They will use this incision to eliminate loose upper eyelid skin making it smoother, and subsequently seal the incisions with fine sutures.


Lower Eyelid Surgery

The eyelids can look puffy and tired due to weakened muscles and loose tissue. Furthermore, the lid skin can appear wrinkled and rough. Lower eyelid surgery can improve this condition.

To perform a lower blepharoplasty, the surgeon will place a small incision either on the skin or within the lid to eliminate excess skin and reduce the appearance of puffy under eye bags. They will place the incisions just beneath the lid margin to hide any future scarring.

Through these incisions, the surgeon will also tighten the underlying weak muscles. In case there are excess fatty pockets in this area, the surgeon will remove or redistribute it to produce more youthful looking eyes.



After the procedure, the patient should use ice therapy on the treated area frequently for the initial 48 hours to feel at ease and help the inflammation subside. A majority of patients resume their routine in around one week. It is crucial to protect the eyes from sun exposure for the next several months.

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