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CST or Collagen Stimulation Therapy, as the name suggests is a way to enhance collagen and elastin growth in your skin. The method involves inducing an injury into your skin’s epidermal and dermal junction, which  consequently induces the growth of new collagen. As opposed to other ablative treatments that cause significant damage to the epidermis, which is considered safe.

CST also goes by other names such as dermal needling, microneedling, and medical needling, etc. However, compared to other interventions, this treatment is much more serious and only designed to suit those who need serious results.

Brief History of CST

The therapy works to improve several skin problems such as sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scarring, and so on. Even though it has been around for quite some time, it was first introduced in 1997 as an alternative to several skin-damaging treatments. Earlier, professionals relied on aggressive peels and lasers to deal with skin problems.

However, the need for natural collagen stimulation increased over the course of time, leading to the development of Collagen Stimulation Therapy. Over the last decade, CST has gained more momentum as people’s desire to have a natural and youthful appearance has seen a growing trend.

Microneedling Benefits

Apart from the fact that it helps deal with a range of skin-related problems, the procedure is also safe and effective. One of the key microneedling benefits is that you will see a reduction in fine lines, large pores, scars, and wrinkles along with overall skin rejuvenation.


Many people mistake it for a facial when it’s far from it. You will require a professional practitioner to perform it. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it’s not a quick fix you can avail before going out on a Saturday night. It requires unwavering dedication and commitment before you start seeing results.

Typically, the procedure lasts over 90 minutes where the professional starts by numbing the skin and then gliding a roller over it. The microscopic needles on the roller penetrate into your skin and cause micro-trauma. As a result, you may see your skin having tiny blood pin pricks. This is a sign that elastin and collagen production has started.

Due to the micro-trauma, your skin experiences natural healing, and the area is flooded with elastin and collagen. After successfully rolling the tiny needles on the skin, your professional will clean the treated area with a solution. Next, they’ll apply an alginate mask to reduce the redness. Once the mask is removed, they’ll proceed to apply Vitamin A and peptides.

How Much Downtime Is Involved?

Generally speaking, it’s normal to experience a little redness for a while after the treatment. However, one of the most important microneedling benefits is that the side effects don’t last for as long as they do in other treatments. In fact, you can apply makeup the very next day, depending on what your skincare professional suggests.

Don’t be discouraged if you see flakiness on the skin for at least 4 to 5 days. It might take over a week for the final results to appear and make your skin look glowy. Sometimes, it also takes over four months for the results to be up to your expectations but remember, patience is virtue with CST.

Once you see your skin looking smooth, plump, and healthy, it will all be worth it. Even though it takes quite a lot of time for the results to become obvious, the fact that they last for years makes the entire patience regime worthwhile.

When Do You Need Collagen Stimulation Therapy?

There are several circumstances in life where you may feel the need to have healthy and wrinkle-free skin, such as before your wedding or any other important life event. However, the need to have healthy skin is not only limited to important life events, it can be as random as being in bed and wondering why your skin doesn’t look as fresh as it did in the past.

No matter what the time and circumstances, if you think your skin needs some tightening and glow, you can consider getting a CST done. Practically, the treatment can be performed anywhere on your body and face however before jumping into it you will need to have a detailed consultation with a professional. This is where the professional will guide you about the course of the treatment and the kind of microneedling benefits you can enjoy.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

One of the most common things people experience right after the procedure is skin irritation however, it’s short-lived. Other potential side effects include:

  • Skin flaking
  • Discomfort on the treated area
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Dryness
  • Redness, etc.


There may also be minor bleeding if the treatment was deeper but unless you take any blood-thinning medication, it shouldn’t be a problem. You may also experience some serious side effects such as an infection but the likelihood is quite rare.

Why Do You Need a Detailed Consultation?

While the procedure is pretty self-explanatory, the course can differ based on what condition you would like to improve. A detailed consultation allows your professional to see if you even need collagen stimulation therapy or not. Sometimes, all it takes are a few right products to get your skin back on track.

However, if the professional feels that taking the CST course is beneficial and can get you the results you want, they will recommend going ahead with it. It’s also important to notify your aesthetician if you have any underlying conditions. If you have any of the following, the procedure might not be suitable:

  • Acne
  • Unstable skin type
  • Keloid scarring
  • Active skin infection


This is why we recommend getting a consultation with a skincare professional done. After all, the cornerstone of successful treatment depends on a detailed analysis of your skin.