If you’re someone who dislikes having excessive body hair, there are numerous ways to get rid of them. While most of them are non-invasive, there may be some that cause pain. However, the two most famous hair removal methods in the market right now include waxing and laser. Waxing is one of the most common procedures individuals go through to get rid of unwanted hair. Since now people have started becoming familiar with laser, there has been more inclination towards it.

Before we start analyzing their pros, cons and risks etc. it’s important to establish they’re both effective in their own capacities but how long the results last can vary among some other differences.


Since most people are already familiar with the process, waxing is quite simple. All you need is a fabric strip, some hot wax and a wooden stick to apply the wax to remove even the most rigid hair on your body. While some people prefer doing it on their own, others visit professional facilities such as a salon to get it done.

The process consists of applying wax on the skin using a stick or a butter knife following which, a strip of fabric is applied. The fabric is then pulled off, removing wax along with the hair.

One of the major benefits of waxing no other form of short-term hair removal technique offers is that it removes the hair from your follicle. As a result, the skin feels smooth. Typically, the results only last for a week or two before you start noticing new hair growth. The procedure may seem harmless but just like any other hair removal technique, it also accompanies certain pros and cons. Here are some of them.


  • It costs much less than laser for a single session.
  • It’s effective for almost every skin tone and hair type.
  • It’s a good option for someone who may not qualify for laser due to any factors related to the skin or hair type.
  • You can also do it at home unlike laser hair removal that can only be performed by a professional.


  • The first one to make it to the list is nonetheless pain, especially if it’s your first time. Moreover, some areas of your body hurt more than the rest such as underarms, ears and bikini lines.
  • It may result in the growth of ingrown hair.
  • Waxing may not be a great option if you require smooth and hair-free skin permanently.
  • The cost of a single waxing session may be lower than laser, but the overall cost is much higher.
  • It’s time-consuming.

Waxing cannot get you rid of hair growth completely and you may have to go through the same procedure after every few weeks. There’s also a chance of damage to your skin in case it’s sensitive. Therefore, it’s usually recommended to not wax your face.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser is a slightly complicated matter if compared to waxing. Unlike waxing, you cannot perform it at home since it requires complex equipment and the knowledge of administering it. The high-powered laser most professionals own is used to attack the root of your hair. Consequently, it destroys your follicle to prevent it from growing back.

Once you have discussed the course and other details regarding your treatment, your professional will start by numbing your skin. After that, they apply laser to the target area of your skin to remove hair. However, note that you may not see any results after a single session, unlike waxing that provides immediate hair removal.

You may have to go through several treatments before the results become apparent but once they do, you can enjoy them for months and years to come. Depending on your circumstances, your professional may suggest you come for frequent touch-ups. However, it’s usually not required.


  • It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to remove hair for the long-term.
  • It saves time as the sessions are quick even if a large area of your body is involved.
  • It doesn’t cause serious damage and is considered safe unless there’s a rare skin sensitivity that it cannot work with.
  • You can get the treatment done on any part of the body.
  • It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing does.


  • Unlike waxing, laser hair removal is not effective on all skin tones and types. It works best on dark hair and light skin.
  • It’s more expensive than a single session of waxing but cost-effective in the long-run.

Laser requires a lot more patience than any other method of removing hair. You may have to go through a number of sessions before you see any noticeable changes because the hair follicle can’t be destroyed overnight. Your hair must be in a certain stage of growth for laser to effectively destroy it.

The Bottom Line

Despite being costly, laser is one of the most sought-after treatments for hair removal across the globe. It’s a safe, effective and long-lasting solution as compared to waxing. However, it also requires a bigger investment of both your time and money. Moreover, if you are susceptible to ingrown hair, there aren’t many options other than laser to deal with them.

In conclusion, no matter what solution you choose, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. While waxing is less time-consuming and also easy on the pocket for a single session, it’s painful and costly in the long term.

On the other hand, laser is easy and much less painful but costs more for a single session. Moreover, before making the leap for laser, consult an expert to analyze factors such as your skin tone and hair type before recommending the procedure.