Looking beautiful and youthful in all walks of life sounds desirable. However, it comes at a price – thousands and thousands of dollars to be precise. Getting under the knife is not unusual nowadays. In fact, it is encouraged in some parts of the world.

In the States, plastic surgery has been a trend for the last few years. Popular culture and reality television celebrities have majorly contributed to this trend. When asked about their beauty secrets, they have often lied about getting any surgery and pushed the narrative of being ‘natural.’

Perhaps they were telling the truth! The revolutionary dermatology injectables are, in some way, reducing the need for permanent surgery.

self injectables dangers

Injectable treatments offer temporary facelifts, neck lifts, and more by injecting neurotoxins and fillers into the skin. These treatments help you avoid the recovery time that comes after surgery. The effects of these treatments last about 4-5 months.

According to the US FDA, neurotoxins and fillers have been categorized as prescription medication and medical devices respectively. They are to be sold and handled only by licensed healthcare providers.

These substances are expensive, and unprofessional and unlicensed injectors conducting unethical cosmetic surgeries often illegally source and use them. This can have dire consequences. It is best to avoid them.

With further developments in technology, we have reached another feat. Skin Injectables at home, exactly what the world wants, right? Cheap and convenient DIY fillers.

Skin Injectables allow you to inject fillers and neurotoxins into your skin without the supervision of an expensive doctor.

Doesn’t that sound dangerous? Well, it is extremely hazardous. When injecting yourself with chemicals without the supervision of a profession, you expose yourself to all kinds of dangers.

According to this study, neurotoxins, and filler, although generally safe, can cause vision loss, soft-tissue necrosis, embolization, and anaphylaxis, that too when administered by a licensed professional. When performed by an unqualified individual, it can even lead to death.

Self injectables have been categorized as highly dangerous and should not be used without a professional. Unfortunately, its usage has become popular due to many YouTube tutorials and various other online forums. Many young folks fall prey to this kind of false information.

The pressure of looking perfect and young all the time has led to these unethical inventions and its usage. “Some of the most common complications from unregulated cosmetic products include infection, scars, and swelling, while more severe cases can involve long-term paralysis, Bell’s palsy, blindness, and stroke,” says Dr. Galimberti.

“The problem is two-fold: you’ve got products that can’t be trusted, and you’ve got people injecting them without adequate medical training and experience. To protect your health, you should never get injections in a non-medical setting, such as a party or someone’s home.”

You might want to look like your idols but is it worth risking your life? If you are adamant about using fillers then we suggest that you try the best skincare injectables and treatments at your disposal. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a board-certified physician.

At the end of the day, it is your body and your choice. What’s important is that you should be aware of all the possible options to choose from, and be wary of the consequences of using skin injectables at home.

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