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Skin Cancer Test & Treatment | Riverview, FL DermatologistA biopsy refers to the excision of a small amount of skin tissue. It is a vital evaluation tool for doctors to detect various types of skin cancer. Following a biopsy, the patient’s medical care team undertakes several steps before the pathologist arrives at a diagnosis.

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Looking at the Tissue Sample

The tissue sample taken during a biopsy is known as a specimen. The medical professional performing the biopsy places the specimen in a container which has a fluid to preserve it. This container is labeled with the patient’s name as well as other details.

A pathologist then provides a description of how it appears to the naked eye, including the size, color, and other characteristics. This is known as a gross or macroscopic exam.

The sample may be required for other tests on the basis of the suspected diagnosis. Molecular tests may detect genes that may be active, altered, or missing. Further gene or protein tests may be required to select effective treatment options. The technician or pathologist will ready a portion of the specimen for these tests.


Preparing a Slide

Prior to tissue examination under a microscope, the technician or pathologist makes a slide. To create this slide, the specimen is dissected into thin slices, known as histologic sections. These sections are stained with various dyes. These dyes highlight the parts of the cells.

The technician or pathologist will place the sections on a glass slide. Subsequently, they will place a thin cover (coverslip) on top to make sure the specimen stays in place. After that, the pathologists will view the sections under a microscope.



In the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, basal cell carcinoma, or actinic keratosis, one or more of the below mentioned surgical dermatology procedure may be used:

Simple Excision

The tumor, as well as some normal tissue surrounding it, is excised from the skin.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

In this procedure, the tumor is excised from the skin in thin layers. In this procedure, the tumor edges and each tumor layer that is removed is viewed under a microscope to check for the presence of cancer cells. Thin skin layers are repetitively excised until the cancer cells are no longer seen.

This surgical procedure eliminates as little healthy tissue as possible. It is typically used to treat skin cancer on the fingers, face, or genitals as well as skin cancer with an undefined border.

Shave Excision

The abnormal skin site is shaved off the skin’s surface with a small blade.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation

The tumor is removed from the skin with a curette which is a sharp, spoon-like instrument. Subsequently, a needle-shaped electrode is used to treat the site with an electric current that stops the bleeding and destructs the cancer cells remaining around the edges of the wound.

This process may be repeated one to three times during the procedure to eliminate all of the cancer. This type of treatment is also known as electrosurgery.


In this treatment, an instrument is used to freeze and destruct abnormal tissue such as carcinoma in situ. This treatment is also known as cryotherapy.

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