Skin Cancer Test & Treatment - Largo, FL Dermatologist | SarasotaA range of skin cancer tests and dermatology treatments are available today to detect and treatment different types of skin cancers. A qualified medical professional will recommend the appropriate tests or treatments depending on the patient’s condition.

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Imaging Tests

Imaging tests make use of magnetic fields, x-rays, or radioactive materials to develop images of the body’s inside. They are primarily employed to assess the possible spread of melanoma to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body. Individuals with early-stage melanoma will not need imaging tests as the melanoma would have likely not spread yet.

These tests can also be done to evaluate whether the treatment is effective and detect any potential signs of the cancer recurring (coming back) following the treatment.

Chest X-ray

This test can be performed to understand whether the melanoma has spread to the lungs.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

The CT scan employs x-rays to create a vivid, cross-sectional picture of the body. A CT scan can display the detail in soft tissues, such as internal organs, unlike a routine x-ray. It can show whether any lymph nodes are enlarged or if organs such as the lungs or liver have dubious spots which may indicate the spread of melanoma.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan

MRI scans make use of radio waves and powerful magnets rather than x-rays to develop detailed pictures of body parts. MRI scans can effectively procure images of the spinal cord and brain.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan

A PET scan can indicate whether cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body. For people with more advanced stages of melanoma, a PET scan is most useful. However, it is typically not done in patients with early-stage melanoma.

Skin Cancer Treatments

In addition to surgery, the following treatment options may be used to treat certain skin cancers:


Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that makes use of medications to prevent the growth of cancer cells by either destroying the malignant cells or preventing them from dividing.

When chemotherapy is administered by mouth or injected into a muscle or vein, the drugs enter the bloodstream and reach the cancer cells in the entire body (systematic chemotherapy).

Upon placing chemotherapy directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, a body cavity such as the abdomen, or an organ, the medication primarily impacts the cancer cells in those regions (regional chemotherapy).

A type of regional chemotherapy is known as hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion. In this technique, anticancer medication is directed into the arm or leg with cancer. The blood flow to the limb is cut-off temporarily with a tourniquet.

A warm solution comprising anticancer medication is administered directly into the blood of the limb. This delivers a high medication dose precisely to the areas affected by cancer.  

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy refers to cancer treatment that uses powerful x-rays and other forms of radiation to destroy cancer cells and prevent them from proliferating. The two forms of radiation therapy are as follows:

  • External radiation therapy utilizes a machine located outside the body to deliver radiation to cancer.
  • Internal radiation therapy makes use of a radioactive material sealed in seeds, wires, catheters, or needles. These are placed directly into or near the cancer.


Immunotherapy refers to a treatment that uses the immune system of the patient’s body to battle cancer. Substances produced by the body or developed in a lab are used to enhance, direct, or restore the natural defenses of the body against cancer. This form of cancer treatment is also known as biologic therapy or biotherapy.

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