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Skin Cancer in Sarasota

What are the Types of Skin Cancer our Dermatologists in Sarasota Treat?

Skin cancer is a potentially stressful and dangerous health condition that can have serious consequences if not detected and treated early. However, with the advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments our skin cancer dermatologists in Sarasota offer at Suncoast Skin Solutions, the cancer can be effectively cured, and patients will be able to resume their normal lives.

The most predominant types of skin cancer are basal cell, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell is the most common, and appears as a waxy bump or shiny patch on the face, ears, or neck. Squamous cell carcinoma often appears as a scaly patch or sore, and can spread. Melanoma is the most dangerous and can rapidly spread if left untreated. Early detection and treatment are crucial for all types and signs of skin cancer in Sarasota.

As the top skin cancer dermatologists in Sarasota, FL, we are proud to offer advanced modern treatments like superficial radiotherapy and Mohs surgery, treatments that effectively reduce the amount of damage in the surrounding skin. This allows patients to treat their cancerous lesions without having to worry about excess scarring, or a prolonged period for healing. The skin cancer dermatologists at our Sarasota clinic are committed to helping patients navigate through their surgical procedures and recovery processes with ease and confidence. We want to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and support.

How Much Do Treatments for Skin Cancer Cost?

At Suncoast Skin Solutions, the cost of skin cancer treatments can vary depending on the treatment type, the extent of treatment required, and the coverage provided by your health insurance. To obtain a more precise estimate, we recommend scheduling a private consultation with one of our experienced team members.

What Skin Cancer Treatments Does Suncoast Offer?

Our team of board-certified Sarasota skin cancer dermatologists and support staff can provide several treatment options for skin cancer. Your treatment will depend on your unique needs, and may include any of the following:


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