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Noreen Godfrey, PA-C

Secondary Provider
Phone: 352-787-4532


Noreen was born in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Wagner College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree Cum Laude with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. Noreen was accepted and graduated from Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson PA Program. Noreen accepted a PA position at King’s County Medical center in Brooklyn where she worked in research, endocrine, internal medicine and emergency medicine. In addition to her position at King’s County, she was invited to become a clinical coordinator and adjunct faculty member at the new SUNY Brooklyn PA Program, which she accepted.

Noreen moved to Florida and began working in a critical care/ internal medicine and separate dermatology private practice on the west coast. In 2002, Noreen focused completely on dermatology and has acquired over 25 yrs of experience in the specialty.

Noreen and her family have recently relocated to central Florida. She enjoys fitness activities, traveling and music.

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