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Aqeel Haidar, MD, PhD

Primary Provider
Work 500 Vonderburg Dr. Suite 115W Brandon, FL 33511 Phone: 844-786-3376


Aqeel Haidar, MD, PhD completed his histopathology training at The Hammersmith Hospital in London (Royal Postgraduate Medical School), Leeds General Infirmary, England, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, New York. He trained with A Bernard Ackerman, MD in New York as his Chief Fellow in Dermatopathology. Dr. Haidar has taught medical students and residents/fellows in Dermatopathology in both England and USA. He is a former Director of Dermatopathology and Clinical Assistant Professor of SUNY Syracuse (Binghamton Campus). He is also a former Director of Dermatopathology of Quest Diagnostics at Horsham, Pennsylvania.

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