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Kybella - Remove Your Double Chin Without Surgery | Tampa | St. PeteThe presence of a double chin can adversely affect the facial contours and appearance of a person.

Double chins do not have serious health implications, but many people are unhappy about the appearance of a double chin, especially in pictures taken from a profile perspective.

Kybella is an effective aesthetic dermatology solution for individuals seeking to mitigate the appearance of their double chin.


A Key Note

Kybella injections work in a similar manner to the natural fat absorption process of the body. Therefore, the patient can substitute it for liposuction.

Kybella is a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that is naturally found in the body and helps absorb fat cells. Kybella destroys the fat cells contributing to a double chin and eliminates it quickly and efficiently.

Suncoast Skin Solutions, led by board certified dermatologist Dr. Christopher Ewanowski, provides Kybella injectable treatments to patients in Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and surrounding communities.


What is Kybella?

Kybella is the first and only injectable treatment to be approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of fat underneath the chin by actually destructing fat cells.

This innovative medical spa procedure melts away extra fat that makes up double chins. The substance comprises a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring material that enables the body to absorb fat cells. Double chins can be a persistent issue. However, Kybella can destruct the fat cells that contribute to the unattractive chin appearance.

Sometimes even with every conceivable exercise and diet plan, it is still difficult to remove stubborn neck and chin fat. Most people who consume a balanced diet and exercise routinely do not have problems in toning their legs, arms, and abdomen area.

However, they may find it challenging to eliminate the fat in their submental (under chin) area. This fleshy, low-hanging area is commonly called a “double chin.”

Kybella can help patients address submental fat without the need for liposuction and other fat-reduction procedures. The treatment involves a series of Kybella injections which mimic the natural fat absorption process of the body and produces a sleeker, slimmer chin area that is picture-perfect.


Kybella Benefits

  • No requirement of anesthesia or surgery
  • Kybella is FDA-approved
  • Fat cells are eliminated for good
  • Quick and efficient treatments


How does Kybella work?

Kybella, formerly called ATX-101, is a synthetic version of the molecule deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in the body. The human body produces this substance in the intestines to help disintegrate and absorb dietary fats.

This revolutionary treatment has been at the center of a global program which involves over 20 clinical studies with more than 2,600 patients. Upon being injected into the subcutaneous (underneath the skin) fat in the under chin area, Kybella destroys the membranes of the fat cells in this region.

These cells can no longer store fat once they are destroyed. The decimation of these fat cells is followed by the body’s natural process of elimination and healing. This process is slow but effectively removes fat in the area within four to six weeks of undergoing Kybella injections.


Which body areas can be treated using Kybella?

At present, Kybella is only approved for use in the submental area. It has been proven to be most successful in smaller areas of fat.

While it is currently not a viable treatment for problems such as muffin tops and love handles, the FDA is researching its possible benefits for these sites. After Kybells kills the fat cells, they are gone for good. This injectable procedure offers permanent benefits.  

Dr. Christopher Ewanowski’s skin care clinic receives patients from Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and nearby areas for Kybella injections.

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