Kybella Double Chin Treatment in Tampa Bay | Hillsborough | St. PeteSubmental fat or excess fullness under the chin is a common aesthetic issue for men as well as women. It can create the appearance of a double chin.

While plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction can effectively eliminate submental fat, some patients may prefer a non-surgical procedure to address this condition.


When Kybella is Necessary

The surgeon may recommend the advanced prescription injectable dermatology treatment known as Kybella to the patient in such cases. These injections are specially designed to reduce moderate to severe fat tissue underneath the chin.  

Suncoast Skin Solutions, led by board certified dermatologist Dr. Christopher Ewanowski, provides Kybella injections to patients in Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and surrounding locations.


How does Kybella work?

Kybella is an advanced, one-of-a-kind injectable treatment that aims to destruct stubborn fat cells underneath the chin to improve the face and neck profile. This treatment has been proven safe and effective for the submental region and does not involve any cuts, incisions, or plastic surgery.

Kybella contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is the active ingredient in this medication. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body and helps disintegrate and absorb dietary fat.

Upon being injected into the fat beneath the chin, it rapidly destroys the undesirable fat tissue and creates a noticeable reduction in the submental fullness.

The eliminated fat cells cannot store fat any longer. This means that no additional medical spa treatment may be necessary once the patient attains their cosmetic goals with Kybella.


FDA-Approved Treatment

In 2015, Experts and patients across the United States focused their attention on Kybella or ATX-101 from Kythera when it received FDA-approval specifically for the reduction of submental fat.

Individuals over 18 years of age are eligible to undergo Kybella injectable treatment. Kybella is the first and only non-surgical treatment to receive FDA-approval for the treatment of under chin fat.

Kybella also offers the benefit of being customizable according to the unique cosmetic needs of the patient for an enhanced chin profile. The outcomes are significant and sustainable and involve minimal downtime or discomfort.

Consequently, the popularity of this injectable treatment has grown and patients are highly satisfied with their final results.  


How is Kybella Administered?

Kybella injectable treatment should only be administered by a trained expert. The patient will receive multiple tiny injections under the chin during each treatment session.

The time taken to complete the injection process is under 20 minutes. The exact number of injections can differ depending on the amount of fat to be reduced under the chin as well as the patient’s desired chin profile.

The chin profile differs for each patient. Therefore, the number of Kybella treatment sessions may differ between two patients as well. A patient can undergo a maximum of six treatments.

The surgeon will assess how many treatment sessions may be necessary for a patient depending on the extent and distribution of submental fat and their aesthetic goals.


Selecting an Expert

It is vital to choose a recognized and certified treatment provider for an advanced injectable procedure such as Kybella. Deputy Director of the Office of Drug Evaluation III in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Amy G. Egan, M.D., M.P.H., elaborates that Kybella should only be administered by a licensed medical care professional.

She further explains that it is vital to remember that Kybella has only received FDA-approval for the treatment of under chin fat, and its effects on other areas of the body are not yet known.

Dr. Ewanowski’s skin care clinic receives patients from Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and nearby areas for Kybella injections. 

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