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Juvederm Voluma For The Cheeks | Tampa | St. Pete | Brandon | LargoJuvederm Voluma is a unique dermal filler as it is specially designed to restore volume to the cheek area. In fact, it is the first dermal filler to receive FDA approval specifically for the cheeks.

The higher hyaluronic acid (HA) concentration in this cosmetic dermatology filler enables it to add instant fullness to the cheek area and offers a subtle lift to the cheeks as well.

Suncoast Skin Solutions, led by board certified dermatologist Dr. Christopher Ewanowski, provides facial anti-aging treatments to patients in Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and surrounding communities.



Juvederm Voluma outcomes can sustain for longer than other fillers due to its higher HA concentration. HA is the main ingredient in Juvederm Voluma. It is a naturally occurring compound in the body, and its function is to provide support to the structure of the skin.

This makes Voluma a fully biocompatible injectable treatment with no need for allergy tests before the procedure.

The unique viscous character of Voluma is due to the revolutionary Vycross technology, which enables the cross-linkage of molecules of the filler gel to help it accomplish substantial skin lifting.

In addition, cross-linking also helps prevent the early degradation of the gel to offer more sustainable and longer lasting outcomes with Juvederm Voluma filler injections.


Different from Other Fillers

Juvederm Voluma dermal filler treatment is meant to provide lift to the cheeks and help them look smoother and fuller. Based on this, it also helps restore the overall facial contour.

Juvederm Voluma medical spa treatment is distinct from other soft tissue fillers as it is specifically designed for the cheek area. While standard Juvederm and other dermal fillers aim to reduce lines, creases, and folds around the mouth and nose, they are not meant to accomplish cheek augmentation in the same manner as Juvederm Voluma.

Juvederm Voluma XC comprises lidocaine. Therefore, there is no requirement for separate local anesthetics. It helps restore the natural appearance and youthful curvature of the cheek as well as enhances the overall facial profile.

A primary benefit of Juvederm Voluma that distinguishes it from various other dermal fillers is its sustainability. The lifting and volumizing effect of this filler treatment may sustain for up to years. Most other dermal fillers are effective only for up to a year.


Widely Accepted Treatment

Juvederm Voluma received FDA approval for its ability to temporarily treated age-related volume loss in the cheek region of adults aged 21 or older. The effect of this treatment has been proven through extensive clinical studies. This also led to it being approved by the FDA.

The treatment has received approval in over 70 countries around the world. Skin care specialists recommend this treatment for patients of facial volume loss. The patient response to Juvederm Voluma is largely positive, as reported in multiple studies and surveys.



Patients will experience a rounder and fuller facial contour in the cheek region with Juvederm Voluma injectable treatment. The outcomes are almost immediate in terms of adding a youthful curvature to the cheeks. In a few days, the inflammation and redness resolve, and the lifted, fuller facial contours become noticeable.

Dr. Ewanowski’s skin care clinic receives patients from Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Seminole, Riverview, Brooksville, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach, Largo, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Sarasota, Central Florida, Florida, and nearby areas for facial anti-aging treatments. 

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