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How long does Perlane last? | Tampa | St. Pete | Brandon | RiverviewPatients who seek Perlane dermal filler treatment are usually concerned about the sustainability of these facial rejuvenation injections.

During the initial consultation, the provider will inform the patient on the longevity of Perlane outcomes along with various other aspects of the procedure.

Perlane is long-lasting, but its effect slowly wears off over a period of time. The volumizing effects of this cosmetic dermatology facial filler will be visible shortly after the procedure. The manufacturer of Perlane states that the outcomes of the injections sustain for around six months at a time.

The doctor may recommend a follow-up procedure six to nine months after the patient receives the initial injections. After Perlane injections, the patient will not require any major lifestyle changes. But they should avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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Molecular Cross-Linked Gel

A unique feature of Perlane is that the molecules in the gel are cross-linked to one another in a robust manner. The filler has been developed to sustain for a longer period by cross-linking of the molecules. The Perlane gel will not break down once it is injected into the deeper skin layers in the targeted facial areas.

The results of the Perlane dermal filler tend to last for a significantly longer time in comparison to some other dermatology solutions such as collagen injections which may sustain for only one or two months.

But it is essential to work with a skilled and experienced injection provider to achieve the most benefits from the Perlane filler treatment.


Longevity Factors

The longevity of Perlane differs between patients due to various reasons. A key factor is the nature of the specific facial area which is being treated. Areas of the face that are relatively static may sustain the outcomes for a longer duration in comparison to facial areas with frequent and dynamic facial muscle movement, such as the areas surrounding the lips.

The sustainability of Perlane dermatology treatment also depends on how quickly the body metabolizes the filler gel. People who have a faster metabolic rate may only be able to sustain the outcomes of Perlane for around three months, while other individuals may enjoy the benefits of the dermal filler for up to six months and more.

The exact timeline of the outcomes in case of Perlane facial filler injections cannot be established. Each patient may receive a different amount of filler gel. If the treatment provider injects too much or too little of the gel, it could lead to a reduction in the sustainability of the outcomes.


Average Longevity

The outcome of a single Perlane filler medical spa treatment may last for around six months on an average. The treatment outcomes in the area around the lips will typically sustain for around three months due to the dynamic muscle movement in the area.

The mid-face and cheek areas may be able to sustain the benefits of Perlane for nearly six months.

In general, Perlane traces remain in the body for up to 12 months. However, the cosmetic impact starts to diminish after three to six months. Perlane is more effective with longer lasting results in the under-eye area. The outcomes of a single injection treatment may sustain for up to one year in the under-eye area with the right technique.

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