How long does Botox last? | Winter Haven Dermatology | The VillagesBotox is an FDA approved anti-aging dermatology procedure to reduce minor wrinkles and fine lines from specific facial areas. People who are interested in mitigating signs of facial aging but do not want to undergo surgical procedures may consider Botox injections.

But the primary difference between Botox and surgical procedures is that the results with Botox are short-lived, and will dissipate after a few months.

The patient can, however, choose to repeat Botox treatments in future to extend the benefits. The injection provider will discuss the estimated sustainability of Botox outcomes and enable the patient to make a well-considered decision during the initial consultation.

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Longevity of Botox Injectable

The outcomes of Botox injectable medical spa treatment can sustain between three and four months if the individual is receiving the treatment for the first time. Botulinum toxin type A is the active component in Botox, and it is a highly potent biological agent.

The strength of this agent decreases progressively over time. This results in the injected muscles becoming active again after a few months. Fine lines and wrinkles in the location will reappear as the targeted facial muscles regain activity.

The results might sustain for a relatively longer period if the patient continues to receive repeat treatments of Botox injections over a long time under the guidance of qualified Botox provider. The repetitive Botox use will train the dynamic muscles in the face to remain in a relaxed state. This will lead to less prominent aging lines and longer lasting outcomes.

Patients who want a non-surgical treatment for facial aging and use Botox injectables periodically may require fewer treatments in the future. In other words, the gap between two Botox treatments will increase progressively.

Variable Sustainability

The sustainability of Botox outcomes varies between patients. People with stronger facial muscles will typically form deeper aging lines. In such instances, the movement of the wrinkle-causing muscle will restore quicker as the effect of botulinum toxin dissipates. This happens because of the higher resilience of the muscles lying beneath these wrinkles.

Conversely, weaker muscles in the face may sustain the Botox outcomes for a comparatively longer duration. Outcomes in men may sustain for lesser time than women because men often tend to have stronger muscles in the face.

Repeat Treatments

In case the patient is interested in repeat Botox treatments in the future, they should track when muscle movement in the face appears to be reverting to normal motion. They can also visit their dermatologist for periodic reviews. It is vital that the patient shares with the provider details on when they last received Botox treatment.

The Botox provider will ensure that the necessary time gap between two Botox treatments is maintained. The amount of Botox medication that a provider uses during a session will also have an impact on the treatment’s sustainability.

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