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Florida Dermatologist FAQ's: What is Atopic Dermatitis? | TampaAtopic dermatitis or eczema refers to an inflamed skin condition that can impact adults, children, and infants. In the early phase, eczema is characterized by red, blistering skin. It may progress to cause a thickened, scaly, patchy skin that itches. 

The condition usually manifests before the age of three, and a majority of patients will be free of the condition by the age of 25 years. In children, eczema may initiate on the cheeks and extend to the arms and legs.

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Itchy, dry skin, which can rapidly get red and swollen, is a notable characteristic of eczema. It will typically get infected, and small blisters may develop and ooze fluid or become crusted. Symptoms such as dryness, scratching, itchiness, and swelling may come and go. 

Over time, the patient may develop tough, thickened skin due to a persistent rash. Mild types of eczema will affect only a tiny skin area, while a severe condition may be widespread. 

The body areas where the rashes manifest may be distinct for adults, children, and babies. A dermatologist will undertake a physical examination and review the patient’s medical history to diagnose atopic dermatitis. Certain patients may have to undergo an allergy test to determine the triggers for the rash.


Eczema in Infants 

Infantile eczema necessitates the determination of the skin irritation triggers as well as avoiding them. The infant should not be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Prescription drugs may be necessary to treat an infection or improve a rash. The doctor may prescribe oral antihistamines for the patient’s comfort and to decrease nighttime itching.


When to Seek Treatment?

In the following cases, the patient should seek professional dermatology treatment for eczema:

  • Itching is leading to irritation or interfering with sleep or other routine activities.
  • Oozing sores, scratch marks, crusting, skin discoloration, or fever accompanying a rash develops on the skin. 
  • Development of painful cracks in the fingers or hands.
  • Inflammation, pain, heat, or redness.
  • Pus discharge.



A known eczema patient may follow a few precautions to minimize the symptoms of the condition. The delicate skin areas should be routinely moisturized to prevent dryness. 

The patient should also avoid extreme or sudden temperature changes as far as possible. They should also avoid activities that lead to overheating of the body or increase stress levels.

In addition, the patient should avoid fabrics that may irritate the skin. The dermatologist may order allergy tests to identify unknown allergens so that the patient can eliminate them in food and other items as far as possible. Mild or medicated soaps and other cosmetics may be applied on the skin. 

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