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pediatric dermatology

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. It protects the rest of our body by becoming a barrier between us and the outside environment. This is why protecting our skin is our responsibility. Despite being a protective organ, the skin itself is delicate and fragile. And this is why we face numerous skin problems and infections throughout our life.

However, thankfully, medical sciences have evolved enough to dedicate an entire field of medicine to just the treatment of skin, hair, and nails, called dermatology. We all know that dermatologists are doctors who are dedicated to helping treat issues of the skin, hair, and nails. They look over several issues and use numerous treatment methods to help treat these problems.

One thing that most people don't know is that there are multiple types of dermatologists. Depending on the kind of problem or the demographic group you belong to, you might have to go to a different dermatologist. For example, there are medical dermatologists, cosmetic dermatologists, and pediatric dermatologists.

Here, we are talking about pediatric dermatologists and what conditions they can treat.

Who Are Pediatric Dermatologists?

Like any other dermatologist, pediatric dermatologists are also doctors who specialize in treating skin, hair, and nails. But these dermatologists work with kids - they specialize in treating children's skin and hair. They treat kids of all ages, from infants to teens, and help diagnose and treat a range of ailments that kids face throughout their growing age. From puberty-related acne and genetic skin problems to bigger issues like skin cancer - pediatric dermatologists are trained to cure problems of varying levels and make use of various treatment methods that are suitable for children.

Why Do We Need Pediatric Dermatologists?

This is a common question that many people have - why do we need a pediatric dermatologist? When all dermatologists can help with skin and hair-related problems, why do we need a separate dermatologist just for children? Well, there are many reasons for that - firstly, it is important to have a separate dermatologist that specializes in children's skin and hair because this is a vast field of dermatology. There is a lot of learning a pediatric dermatologist needs to do, which is separate from any other dermatology, that we need a separate category for it.

Secondly, kids have different skin than adults, so their issues are also different from adults. Children, for example, newborns, have baby skin; it's delicate and extremely fragile and goes through its own very different problems than what our old adult skin goes through. Similarly, children in their easily teen years go through puberty, and so their problems are different - they get hormonal acne, their skin is changing, and so their ailments are also different.

Adding to this - since their problems are different, the treatment methods used to treat those problems are also very different. As we said, children usually have much more fragile skin than adults do, so not all treatment methods are suitable for them. For example, a newborn baby cannot go under a chemical peel - it is too harsh for their skin baby's skin - and may actually damage their protective layer. If a child and an adult have similar conditions (for example, dermatitis or acne, which is common in both adults and kids), it's possible that their treatment methods may be different. Hence, pediatric dermatologists specialize in varying treatment methods that are suitable for babies and young children.

What Conditions Do Pediatric Dermatologists Treat?

As we said, pediatric dermatologists can help a child through a range of skin and hair-related problems. However, there are some conditions that are very common among infants and adolescents, and so pediatric dermatologists specialize in treating these conditions. The most common conditions a pediatric dermatologist encounters and treat are:

  • Birthmarks
  • Vitiligo
  • Warts
  • Rashes
  • Genetic conditions
  • Moles
  • Eczema or Dermatitis
  • Port wine stains
  • Congenital Nevi
  • Ringworm
  • Molluscum
  • Allergic reaction
  • Keratosis
  • Hives
  • Mastocytosis

However, there are some conditions only specific to children and newborn babies that pediatric dermatologists deal with, such as:

  • Infant skin rash - a condition usually caused by diaper rash
  • Infant eczema - skin condition mostly newborn babies develop as their skin is new and more prone. This usually happens after coming in contact with germs through other people or rubbing surfaces.
  • Cradle cap - skin condition in newborns when the top of their head flakes off in scales.
  • Port wine stains - birthmarks on newborn babies due to dilated capillaries
  • Hemangiomas - condition present at birth or early infancy, characterized by red bumps on the skin

What Treatment Methods Do Pediatric Dermatologists Use?

As we said, the treatment method pediatric dermatologist use may be, on some occasions, different from what other general dermatologists use. This is because they are dealing with children and their fragile and hence need to be a lot more careful with the choices they make.

Most pediatric dermatologist work in hospitals and clinics, and after diagnosing children for their skin and hair-related problems, they may use methods like:

  • Skin biopsies
  • Removing skin growths like cysts, moles, and warts
  • Laser treatments
  • Over-the-counter medications and ointments
  • Phototherapy
  • Cryosurgery
  • Surgery (sometimes)

Pediatric Dermatology - Get Help For Your Child

Pediatric dermatology is a growing field in medical sciences and has now made it much easier and more accessible for parents to seek help for their children and babies. Treating a child's skin is a lot more complicated than that of adults - they are more fragile and prone to developing bigger problems. This is why pediatric dermatologist specializes in these problems - and this is why parents need to be extra careful when finding a pediatric dermatologist for their child.

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