Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Recovery Time | Tampa | St. PeteEyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) involves a significant recovery phase, similar to any other plastic surgery procedure. It is advisable for a patient to understand what to expect during the recovery period as well as how much downtime the procedure involves.

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss the recovery phase with the patient to make sure that they make an enlightened decision.

The surgeon will answer any questions that the patient may have and address their concerns on all facets of the surgery, including the approximate recovery duration.

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Immediate Post-Op Phase

Most patients will undergo blepharoplasty on an outpatient basis. Following the surgery, the surgeon will cover the eyes gently with bandages. The patient may have to remain in the recovery area for a few hours where the bandages will be taken off. The patient should ask someone responsible to drive them back home following the eyelid surgery.

The surgeon will offer in-depth guidelines about post-op care for the eyes. They may recommend a lubricating ointment and cold compresses to mitigate post-op itching and inflammation as well as prescribe pain medications and antibiotics for a few days.

In the early recovery phase, patients commonly experience inflammation, bruising, mild irritation or dry eyes. Eye drops may be helpful in preventing dry eyes. In general, these symptoms resolve in one week, but the mild inflammation may persist for a longer period of time.


Initial Few Weeks

The patient should rest the eyes as much as possible in the initial week. They should avoid any activities that strain the eyes such as reading, surfing the web, watching TV, or wearing contact lenses in the initial few days. The plastic surgeon may recommend the patient to keep their head in an elevated position for the initial few days to expedite the healing process.

After the first week, the surgeon will typically remove the sutures, and most patients will be able to resume work or their normal routine.

In the initial two to four week after blepharoplasty, it is prudent to wear dark sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun and wind. The patient should also take frequent naps as the eyes may tire quickly in the initial few weeks.

On top of this, the patient should also avoid lifting heavy weights, bending, and aggressive exercises in the first two to four weeks. This will reduce the chances of increased blood flow to the eyes. The surgeon will review the patient’s condition before advising them on when to resume full routine activities.


Length of the Recovery

It may be many weeks before the patient recovers fully from the eyelid surgery. The inflammation and redness will subside gradually. In general, patients can resume work in around seven to ten days. The eyes will gradually appear more alert and youthful.



The patient should apply ice therapy over the incision areas to address the soreness and inflammation in the initial two days following the blepharoplasty. For patients with dry eyes, the surgeon may prescribe eye drops.

The patient should avoid exposure to the sun and wind according to the surgeon’s advice. They can slowly increase activities that strain the eyes. It will take several weeks or months for the complete outcomes of the eyelid surgery to establish as the inflammation resolves entirely.


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